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We are committed to Christ and one another in the faith and fellowship of the gospel: the good news that Jesus saves sinners.


Our Confession


We confess with one another the faith of the gospel.


The gospel is what we unite around as a church (1 Cor. 10:16-17), and God calls us to strive side-by-side for the faith of the gospel (Phil. 1:27). Our confession (or statement) of faith communicates our understanding of the gospel, several important entailments of the gospel, and other truths necessary for protecting the gospel across generations.

Our Covenant

We covenant with one another in the fellowship of the gospel.


Our church covenant spells out the biblical responsibilities of those who have been called into the fellowship of Christ (1 Cor. 1:9), giving some particulars about how we should strive to live worthy of that calling (Eph. 4:1, 1 Thess. 2:12), and worthy of the gospel (Phil. 1:27) together. All the members of CFBC have committed, relying on God’s grace, to live out these principles before God and with one another.

Our Constitution

We constitute as a local church to proclaim and preserve the gospel, and to nurture and watch over one another’s share in the gospel.


Jesus calls His disciples to gather in His name. He gave them authority to represent Him on earth by assembling themselves together in local churches. As a local church, we commit to assemble regularly under Christ to hear the Word preached (first and foremost, the gospel) and to observe the ordinances together (which picture our share in the gospel). We affirm and oversee one another’s membership in Christ’s kingdom, and have become accountable to and for one another in Christ, according to his gloriously wise design for local churches (Mt. 16:13-18, 18:15-20, 26:26-29, 28:18-20, Eph. 3:10, 21, 1 Tim. 3:15). Our constitution reflects our understanding (and application) of the Bible’s teaching on the purpose, function, and order of a local church.


You can read about our church’s history here.

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